Tray concrete DN110, H230 MAX with...
Tray concrete DN110, H230 MAX with...

Tray concrete DN110, H230 MAX with iron bars "protector"

Tray concrete (fiber concrete) with iron grills water drainage slit "protector" and reinforcing steel nozzles (set) the DN 110, H 230 - Series MAX

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(1,943.40 грн 1 шт.)


Trays fiber-concrete DN110, H230 Series strengthened MAX - is a series of trays, reinforced galvanized steel nozzles and equipped with iron bars "protector" class D400 loads. Complete sets of high-trays are widely used in the construction and reconstruction of streets, squares, parks and recreation, railway stations, airports, and gutters enhanced series are equipped with a gas station, service station trucks, warehouses and terminals, industrial areas and highways, bus and truck park where high mechanical and dynamic loads, as well as places with heavy traffic. Trays enhanced series MAX reserved nozzles of galvanized steel, which molded into the side of the tray and are conjugate with embedded anchors reinforcing tray. The design of anchors is provided the possibility of replacing a fixing bolt and a nut, which makes the system maintainability and durable, well-designed system grating attachment to the tray walls avoids channel failure under large loads surface.

Accessibility MAX series DN110.

1. made to order any height from 130 to 230 mm with a difference in height between adjacent trays from 5 mm.

2. Is made with an internal bias from 5 to 50 mm.

3. Can be made with vertical drainage, the ability to connect to a pipe diameter of 110mm.

4. It has an updated design arrays simulating trace from the bus.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Length, m
Load class
D 400
Hydraulic cross-section

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