Seam roof

Seam roofing

Seam roof:. Assembling, advantages, types

Seam roof is a steel roof (roll or sheet) with polimernm color coating , or be without, as well as the roof, made of non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, titanium, aluminum).

Today, among the above metals, the greatest popularity has received copper. This was made possible thanks to the fact that the coating is made of this material is one of the most durable and long-lasting.

In the event that roofing was carried out in compliance with all the recommendations and installation (see. Photo), at the same time qualitatively made, seam roofing can last more than 100 years. Seam roof in Kharkov, made of zinc-titanium alloy, recently also gaining popularity and high demand among consumers.

Manufacturing process seam roof lies in the fact that the individual elements of which it is composed, are manufactured by means of folds.

On its own rebate - is a definite seam appearance, which is obtained in the process of joining metal sheets cover (see Photo .)

rebate , as a rule, divided into recumbent and standing (see photos ). Standing seams used to join the lateral strips of steel, having a greater length and extending along the ramp, and recumbent -. Horizontal

These compounds can be performed either manually, special tool, or by means of electromechanical seaming device designed specifically for such purposes.

A - lying single;

B - lying double;

In - standing single;

G - stand-up double.

main advantages seam roof:

- The use of this type of coating, which implies the absence of surface mounting elements, guarantees 100% protection against leaks


- Due to the relatively small unit area of ​​coating weight, there is no need to strengthen the truss.

- producing this coating technology has no effect on the corrosion properties of the material

-. Due to specific raw materials used, folded roof has a long service life

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