Blocks HELUZ

Ceramic blocks HELUZ for external and internal load-bearing walls are produced at Heluz factories in the cities of Hevlin, Lubochovice, Dolni Bukovcke in the Czech Republic for the construction of non-volatile and passive buildings. Ceramic blocks HELUZ are available in the series: Heluz Family 2in1, Heluz Family, Heluz STI, Heluz Plus. Ceramic block Heluz has ground horizontal planes, which allows it to be laid on thin-layer glue with a seam thickness of up to 1 mm. Ceramic block Heluz is made of porous ceramics by extrusion. Porous ceramics is a mixture of clay and small sawdust, which burn out when the block is baked and a large number of micropores are obtained in the ceramic structure. Ceramic block Heluz has a honeycomb-like structure, which gives the block high strength and good resistance to heat loss.

Walls made of Heluz 30 Family ceramic blocks with a thickness of only 30 centimeters no longer need to be additionally insulated, because the outer walls of a house made of these blocks have a thermal resistance R equal to 3.41 m2K / W, a ceramic block that exceeds our thermal resistance standards for wall cladding structures set at R = 2.9 m2K / W for the southern regions of Ukraine and R = 3.3 m2K / W for the Central, Eastern and Western regions of Ukraine. The Heluz factories in Hevlin produce Heluz Family 2in1 ceramic blocks, the internal voids of which are filled with polystyrene foam insulation.

The insulation in the cavities of the block made it possible to increase the thermal resistance of the Heluz ceramic blocks several times up to a record R value, which is 9.09 m2K / W for the Heluz Family 50 2in1 block with a thickness of 500 mm, and R = 7.69 m2K / W for the Heluz Family 44 2in1 block. Such high rates of thermal resistance, which a ceramic block with Heluz Family 50 2in1 insulation has, make it possible to use a single-layer structure of external walls for the construction of a passive house. The construction of a single-layer wall allows you to reduce the construction time of a house, avoid the cost of insulation, and get strong warm walls for many years. The laying of walls made of Heluz ceramic blocks is several times faster than the traditional construction of unitary ordinary bricks, which must be additionally insulated in order to obtain a house with indicators that will meet the requirements of the DBN. Many builders have a question: how to fix heavy objects on the walls of Heluz ceramic blocks, which have a hollow porous structure? To fix heavy staircases, wall-mounted boilers, a radiator, furniture or other items to a wall made of Heluz ceramic hollow blocks, you need to use a simple drill or perforator and take a ceramic drill of the required diameter. It is necessary to drill a hole in the wall from Heluz hollow ceramic blocks in a shock-free mode and use special anchors for a given load.

Blocks HELUZ

Ceramic block Heluz 50 Family 2 in 1

489.54 грн
Ceramic block Heluz 50, in series Family 1in2. Ceramic grinded block Heluz 50 Family 2in1 is produced at the plant in Helvin, Czech Republic, intended for the construction of external and internal load-bearing walls. Heluz 50 Family 2in1 block is laid on thin-layer polyurethane or mineral glue. Polyurethane glue is included in the price of Heluz 50...

Ceramic hollow blocks Heluz Family 50 2in1 have the best thermal insulation properties, allow you to build a passive house without insulation. The high strength grade of the Heluz 38 Plus block and the relatively low price provide economic feasibility for the construction of commercial facilities up to 6 floors high. For monolithic-frame housing construction, Heluz Family 25 2in1 blocks with a thickness of 25 cm are suitable, which allow you to reduce the thickness of the outer walls, while maintaining the necessary indicators for thermal losses of the enclosing structures. Heluz blocks are made from natural clay, therefore, they are 100% environmentally friendly. Porous ceramics, of which hollow heat-saving blocks are composed, have good vapor permeability and the ability to accumulate heat inside the walls. These properties of ceramics smooth out sudden changes in weather conditions, which provides a comfortable microclimate inside the house, which is beneficial for people's health.

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