Face tile

Tile Clinker exterior Agrob Buchtal, CRH, Feldhaus, Roben, Muhr, SDS keramik, Stroeher, Vandersannen, Terca, Vande Moortel allows us to give each home a unique look. Facade tiles brick format is widely used for the renovation of old buildings, as well as the construction of new buildings, where the use of bricks is not rational. Facade clinker tiles produced in a variety of formats, can have a smooth or a rough surface that mimics the brick strinam hand molding. Many manufacturers are facing tiles made special corner tiles, in order to give a perfect view of facing brickwork.

Face tile

Tile CRH Sahara

20.50 грн
Ceramic tiles clinker CRH sahara yellow smooth
Face tile

Tile CRH Luna

20.50 грн
Ceramic tiles clinker CRH Luna

Ceramic tiles used for lining the front of the house, can be used in the insulation system. Facing front clinker is beneficial economically for the renovation of old buildings, prefabricated houses and new buildings without foundation.

clinker tile hand-formed Agrob Buhtal, Vande Moortel, SDS keramik, Roben, crh, Feldhaus, Muhr, Vanersanden, Stroher has a huge variety of colors, it allows us to give each a unique view of the facade.

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