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Clinker from the official distributor and brick hand-formed at a low price Gima, Feldhaus, Roben, Vandersanden, MBI, Terca , LHL-crh, Mora ceramicas, Muhr klinker, Vande Moortel, S.Anselmo, Olfry, Wienerberger have unique properties such as high strength grade, low water absorption, color fastness to sun radiation, cold resistance and resistance to any negative influences of the environment, which causes a century life without repair costs facade.

Facing ceramic bricks Kerameya, Eurotone and the best European manufacturers. Great choice of colors, surface textures and different formats allow you to create a unique, unique facades of buildings, for which the period is not limited to the service.

This Facing clinker is made from high quality clay and baked for several days at temperatures up to 1300 degrees. High quality clinker can be determined by the characteristic pure sound that occurs when light hitting one brick on another.

Front brick ceramic European manufacturers Muhr, MBI, Terca , Gima, Vande Moortel, S.Anselmo, LHL-CRH, ROBEN, FELDHAUS, Mora, VANDERSANDEN, Olfry, Wienerberger - is an ideal material for facing facades. Its uniqueness lies in a large range of colors, and the unique technical characteristics:

Mark the strength of the M 350 (350 kg / cm2) to M 1000 (1000 kg / cm2) <! / p>

Water absorption - less than 5%

Frost and acid

The plant Mora ceramicas produced a unique clinker of white, black and various shades of gray

Facing brick price in Kharkiv is not very high. will allow for many years to preserve the original appearance of any building and to justify the cost.

The low water absorption of clinker to prevent the movement of water in the wall, which causes leaching or the formation of lime deposits and provides excellent resistance to frost.

< strong> bricks red - it is not just a decorative element in the design of the house, but first and foremost - is to protect the house from the negative impact of foreign environment.

Facing clinker, due to its characteristics, is highly resistant to all the negative impact of external factors and, therefore, the building, lined with ceramic bricks have a lifespan of several centuries, over time do not lose their attractive appearance and provide a comfortable accommodation in these homes.

Ceramic hand-molded bricks is made by extrusion technology with subsequent firing. This technology is based on compressive materials in the forms in the presence of small amounts of water or quartz sand to provide non-uniform roughened front surface.

classic production technology facing hand-molded brick < / em> does not allow the use of any of dyes in the production process. The color of the finished product, whether it is red brick , or any other, defined dosage ratio clays of various varieties used in the preparation of the mold charge.

Brick long, narrow format is produced in many plants, but especially released price-performance ratio brick MBI GeoStylistix.

Also facing brick for facade cladding is used and clinker tiles .

Facing tile hand-formed 100% made from natural high-grade clay. They have a natural origin, as well as their colors, a variety of shades. The choice is so great that for every architectural style, you can find the price of ceramic bricks which also varied. Whether it is a modern, classical or strict exterior decoration. Ceramic tiles do not lose their beauty, and with time, they are not affected by quickly passing fashion whims.

Facing tiles have and angular elements for a flawless finish building the corners, as well as window and door openings. The facade, decorated tiles with pointing, can not be distinguished from the usual masonry.

Buy a brick in Kharkiv , as well as learn what is in the facing brick cost can be reached at the contact information. We offer clinker and clinker bricks of different colors and sizes: kerameya, Eurotone, crh, roben, feldhaus, muhr, terca, vandersanden, vand, moortel

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