Ceramic tile

Buy ceramic tile best manufacturers: Nelskamp, ​​Cobert, Braas, Creaton, Heritage, Roben, Koramic, Jacobi, Margon, Umbelino, Terreal, Walther, Tondach possible in Kharkov in the cabin clinker STYLE .

Ceramic tile Jacobi D10...
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Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile Jacobi D10 natural red

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Ceramic tile Jacobi D10 natural red special price indicated without the cost of delivery!

The most significant contribution to the development and improvement of the modern form of tiles made by German experts and scientists. They were the developers of special technology, through which produced tile has become better and more diverse in color.

Natural tile German production is an excellent option for your home, able to realize all the ideas and dreams in life, gives the building a unique and inimitable. It is this kind of roofing that will be the highlight of which will make your home beautiful and incredibly different from the neighbors house. Using the tile allows you to easily implement any idea of ​​the architect-designer, whether complex curved surfaces or perfectly smooth cone.

This should take into account the longevity of roofing made of natural tile, that is faithfully serve more than one generation of your family, because the operating life of such a roof is more than 150 years. You can be sure that the tiles for a long time will be a reliable protection of your home, heat the guarantor and the comfort that it is beneficial to provide your building among hundreds of other buildings. Ceramic tile , the price of which is perfectly acceptable, it is an excellent building material.

Today tile in Kharkov, provided in the cabin clinker style - it is a great raznoovrazie shape, color, style roofing

Inside, clinker. STYLE you can choose for the roof of your house tiles, which give the house personality and respectability

for the construction of the walls we are using. brick - material capable of serving hundreds of years - it is necessary to use natural tile roofing, which will serve as long as ! and your walls

Ceramic tile, which offers the company PE "Modern House" Kharkiv - is:

1. ecologically pure product - used for its production clay which is baked at a temperature of over 1000 ° C

2.. durable material - many people know that the scientists and still found during excavations ceramics, which for thousands of years

3.. material does not require additional repair costs - ceramic tile does not fade in the sun and will not crack from the cold

4.. comfortable material - this tile is unique indicators - dampens the sound of rain, smoothes the temperature drops

5.. reliable material - due to its weight, ceramic tiles, which will be covered by your roof will withstand even hurricane

6.. economical material - when installing waste of material used are from 0 to 2%, depending on the complexity of the roof structure

7.. available material - thanks to the introduction of new technologies natural tile has become much cheaper and has ceased to be a rarity on the market

8.. beautiful stuff - with a large variety of colors and shapes, ceramic tile will be the perfect decoration for any home or structure

9!. quality stuff - this tiles has been certified according to ISO 9001

If you need Tiles, price <. em=""> tile you will be pleasantly surprised! To find out the cost or Buy Ceramic tile , please contact our experts in the indicated contact information

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