Dormer windows

Mansard windows velux, roto, fakro are designed for installation in any pitched roof.  Skylights allow you to make a cozy warm room with comfortable living conditions from a cold non-residential attic.  Dormer windows velux, roto, fakro provide rooms with natural natural light, always fresh air, allow you to control the temperature in the house, and also allow residents to enjoy a beautiful view.  Manufacturers of roof windows velux, roto, fakro use modern technologies, which allows us to produce new windows with new functions.  The velux integra, roto tronic, fakro ftp roof windows with electric drive and remote control make the operation of windows comfortable, especially in rooms with high ceilings, where it is impossible for a person to reach for the handle of the roof window.  The velux company has developed and launched the production of velux solar roof windows with an electric drive and powered by an integrated solar cell.  Modern roof windows are equipped with energy-efficient double-glazed windows with two chambers, which are filled with neutral gases, thus reducing heat loss.  Velux, the leader in the roof window industry, produces special heat-saving windows for passive houses with zero energy consumption.  It is better to install a roof window velux, roto, fakro into the roof during the roof construction phase.  If there is a need to install a dormer window into the finished roof, then certified installers of the Modern House PE company will easily do it.

Dormer windows

Roof window VELUX GLP

8,600.00 грн
Velux GLP pvc roof window moisture resistant for bathrooms, bathrooms and white interiors.  The installation of a window requires a special flashing ezr for profiled roofing material, ewr for high profiled roofing material or esr for flat roofing material.

Roof windows velux gzr, glr, glp, glu, ggl, gpl, ggu, integra, solar, roto designo, rotoq, fakro ftz, fts, ptp, fyp, fpp, ftt. Balcony windows velux cabrio, skylights, skylights, emergency rooflight, skylight, skylight for cold non-residential premises. Awnings, exterior shutters, mosquito nets, blackout curtains, blinds, roller blinds, pleated curtains. Installation of roof windows is carried out in a soft roof, in a metal tile, ceramic tile, slate, profiled sheeting and slate. You can install the roof window with your own hands or order the installation at the Modern House company using the telephone numbers in the contacts.

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