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Metal Rauni, Pruszynski, Ruukki, Termastil mat and polyester coated piece and Rolling roofings

To date metal is one of the most common roofing materials, despite the fact that it was invented some fifty years ago. And even in such a short period of time the coating was able to acquire such popularity and recognition not only ordinary consumers but also professionals in the roofing business.

Among the main advantages of using this material should be made a high strength, tightness, fire resistance and ease of styling . In addition, the coating brings great strong temperature fluctuations and significant rainfall, which is a very important factor when choosing a roofing material in our climatic conditions.

Today, there is also a roof covering as Composite tile .

Composite tiles represents a unique modern roofing material made of profiled steel sheet having an aluminum coating. As for the decoration layer, then it is based on the mineral granule, the appearance of the coating is very natural simulates natural tile.

Composite tiles , manufactured of metal, that combines all the best characteristics of three different roofing: metal tile, soft bitumen coating and kind of ceramics. When this composite tile made of metal has a very small weight, which allows it to be mounted on roofs having a weak structure of the foundation, walls or system roofing sling.

It should also be noted that Steel composite tile has a very attractive appearance, which perfectly combines with different styles of buildings and buildings on which it is mounted

Metal -. is a roofing sheet or synthetic material. As the material of which it is made, metal tiles divided into galvanized, aluminum-zinc compound and copper.

In order to improve aesthetic properties of the material in sheet treated anticorrosive primer composition is applied to a special stamp which is intended to imitation tiles of different profile, and the front side in this case is covered inking composition, based on the polymeric binder of the mineral pigment and filler, resembling the color coloring tiles, and sometimes its texture.

metal (Kharkiv) and composite shingles of PE "Modern House" attracts customers not only because of its price, but also easy to install, long service life which is 40 years, as well as aesthetic appearance, imitating natural tile, that is currently very popular in Europe, a variety of coatings, rich colors and many other character ISTIC.

Composite tiles and metal tiles Price Kharkiv that will easily turn any house into a luxury house in Europe.

On today in Ukraine metal roofing, including composite tile, in its various forms is the most common material, ranging from galvanized sheet to elite alyumotsinkovym alloys and copper.

If you are interested in metal tile price Kharkov, composite tile, or you want to buy a metal roofing in Kharkov, to make it very simple, just download the price list or ask for the contact information posted on our website. We have composite shingles, which will surprise not only for its quality but also on the value of

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