Natural stone

Facing materials made of natural stone. Tiles made of travertine, marble, granite, basalt, slate, produced in a variety of formats. Tiles of natural stone may have a different surface texture: plain tiles, split tiles, tiles rounded. Tiles made of natural travertine, marble, slate, granite is used for the walls and floor, and can also be used for paving.

Natural stone

Travertine classic "Roman masonry"

2,795.00 грн
Tile from natural travertine as a "Roman" masonry. Naborka combined stab and smooth surface, collected on a grid. The size of one naborki 17,4h53 see.
Natural stone

Travertine classic crushed

2,795.00 грн
Tile from natural travertine batters. The width of the tile 10 cm, length arbitrary.
Natural stone

Travertine "night" crushed

3,225.00 грн
Tile from natural travertine dark tortsovannaya not chipped. The width of the tile 10 cm, length arbitrary.
Stone travertine classic aged
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Natural stone

Stone travertine classic aged

2,150.00 грн 2,924.00 грн
Tile from natural travertine rounding to give the kind of old stone

Facing tile and floor made of natural travertine, marble, granite

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