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Shingles Tegola has emerged as an analogue of a natural ceramic tiles. It is an artificial roofing material of glass fiber and bitumen that simulates the appearance of natural tile, visually looks like flat ceramic tiles .

In Kharkov, shingles Tegola , Katepal is a very common roofing material, widely used in construction. The main advantages of these products is the ease, durability, ecological compatibility, insulation, fire resistance, a wide selection of colors and variety of models. In addition, reasonable prices and a low percentage of waste after use of this material is more evidence of the expediency of his choice.

often be encountered in recent years with the terms « Flexible tiles »or« soft tile »- all these names are synonymous with tiles made of bitumen, which is a very durable and beautiful material. The above mentioned advantages of these products has led to its popularity among other roofing materials. In addition, shingles ( soft tile ), used as a coating makes it possible to realize even the most daring and original imagination of designers. This is possible due to its ability to take the most complex forms, and easily placed even on the roof, having an angle of inclination of 80 °.

Shingles Tegola is an absolutely airtight material, allowing any weather conditions do not affect the quality and the service life: no sudden changes of temperature or humidity. It should also be noted that this material is an excellent sound insulator, so you'll rest easy in your home, without the distraction of background noise and hum of machines.

Shingles Tegola - represents a new generation of roofing material designed for use in overlapping pitched roofs, the inclination angle of from 11,3 ° (1: 5) to 90 °. This tile is a high-tech product characterized by unique parameters and dynamic model number, the production of this material is carried out in Finland.

Due to the wide variety of the tile type, as well as variations of colors and shades , shingles Tegola is able to not only create, but also complement the architectural solutions developed in different stylistic directions, including the New Gothic and Hi-Tech.

shingles Tegola is composed of a thick non-woven glass fiber which is impregnated on both sides with high-quality modified bitumen made of Venezuelan oil "Laguna". This oil is by far one of the Tegola the best among the competitors used in the production of various bituminous materials.

The decorative top layer of shingles is a stone pellets basalt, which not only give it different colors and shades, but also protect from adverse climatic factors.

If you are interested in soft tile Tegola or shingles , then buy in Kharkov can be at a great price and excellent quality. You can also find out what is on the shingles price, it is enough to simply download a price list or contact our managers contact details found on the website under "Contact Us».

A high level of technical performance of heat resistance, flexibility, hardiness, strength provides operation shingles Tegola in any climatic zones of Ukraine.

Tegola - a new quality shingles

  • The eco-friendly material, meets the stringent requirements of European standards
  • Excellent technical parameters on heat resistance, flexibility, cold resistance and durability
  • Extended warranty to 25 years
  • Impeccable operation of roofs in all climatic zones of Ukraine

shingles Tegola - the result of years of research Started you to study the peculiarities of operation of shingles in the Russian conditions and the satisfaction of building organizations needs and architectural firms in the constant and dynamic expansion of the product range.

Shingles Tegola has been introduced to the market in 2003 and since then has actively developed taking into account the need for its use in different climatic conditions of Ukraine, as well as such specific factors as the operation of shingles Tegola < / strong> at considerable vibrations daily temperatures, high humidity and wind loads.

Comparison chart roofing materials Tiling The roof of the metal roofing Tegola
Durability +
Cost + +
Ease and safety of installation +
Gibkos be and ease of processing + < / td>
Light weight, there is no load on the structure + +
snow-water - impermeability + +
Quiet + +
The combination of the landscape + +
No avalanche snow melts + +

easy to build - to live comfortably

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