blocks Porotherm

Block ceramic Porotherm has a thickness size of 80 to 500 mm, for construction of exterior bearing walls without additional insulation, as well as for internal bearing walls and partitions, is made of porous ceramics warm. In the preparation of the raw material in the clay are added fine sawdust. When burning sawdust burn and form fine pores occupying 20 volume% ceramic. Compared to conventional ceramics, porous ceramics has a lower density and a greater coefficient of thermal resistance

. A large number of air voids in the ceramic the product can reduce the density of the product up to 735 kg per m3. The porous ceramic has a low density and a large amount of air closed chambers, which leads to very high sound insulating properties to 60dB

. Cost work on laying the blocks is lower than the cost of conventional masonry ordinary brick, masonry mortar flow is less than 2.5 times, do not need a reinforcement of the walls to provide additional savings.

By building standards in Ukraine allowed the construction of the outer bearing walls with the thermal coefficient of resistance R = 3,3 m 2 C / W. The walls of the block Porotherm-44 match our building codes do not require the additional costs of their insulation.

For the construction of energy-saving and non-volatile buildings group Wienerberger designed blocks Porotherm 44 EKO + , series Klima , R having from 3.29 to 4.35 m 2 C / W, and a series of Thermo has a thermal resistance to heat R from 4.20 to 6.69 m 2 C / W!

Company Wienerberger has developed a unique technology of laying Dry Fix on the polyurethane adhesive without the use of wet cycles, which significantly reduces construction time.

Buy keramobloki in Kharkov you can from a warehouse and delivered to the construction site .

blocks Porotherm

Porotherm ceramic block 44 EKO +

P-44 e
187.78 грн
Ceramic block Porotherm-44 EKO + for the construction of energy efficient buildings
blocks Porotherm

Block ceramic Porotherm-44 P + W

P-44 p+w
118.90 грн
Ceramic block Porotherm-44 for the construction of buildings without additional warming
blocks Porotherm

Block ceramic Porotherm-25 E3

P-25 Е3
100.04 грн
Ceramic heat-Porotherm-25 E3 bearing block for the construction of external walls and internal insulation additional bearing walls
blocks Porotherm

Block ceramic Porotherm-44 Thermo Profi

P-44 tp
388.27 грн
Ceramic polished block Porotherm-44 Thermo Profi with basalt filler for energy efficient buildings R = 5.88 m2K / Vt. Glue for blocks for free!
blocks Porotherm

Block Porotherm-44 Dryfix

P-44 df
188.19 грн
Ceramic block Porotherm-44 Dryfix polished for energy efficient buildings R = 3.66 m2K / Vt. Glue for blocks for free!

Block ceramic Porotherm has dimensions of 80 to 500 mm, hollowness 50%. The presence of voids significantly increases heat transfer resistance, since the air has an excellent thermal insulation properties, its thermal conductivity is 17 times less than that of the ceramic, to achieve a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity λ-0,104 W / m ° C. Cavities and pores in the ceramic product can reduce the density to 735 kg per m3. They have a low density and a large amount of air closed chambers, which leads to very high sound insulating properties to 60dB.

Form side surface provides the vertical pazogrebnevyh interface without requiring use of masonry mortar, which simplifies the process of laying and reduces the cost of mortar. Large-scale heat-saving block Porotherm 44 EKO +, Klima series, Klima, Termo allow you to single-row masonry wall without additional warming.

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