The company "Modern House" is the official representative in Ukraine of the world's best manufacturers of building and finishing materials

In our showroom you can buy clinker bricks, clinker tiles, ceramic blocks, tiles, gutters, drainage systems, dormer windows, waterproofing membranes, vapor barrier.

For the construction of warm walls, we offer to buy Heluz and Porotherm blocks, which will allow you to build passive non-volatile buildings.

For the roof, there are ceramic tiles Braas, Creaton, Jacobi, Margon, Nelskamp, ​​Roben, S. Anselmo, Terreal, Tondach, cement-sand tiles Alaska, Galeco PVC and steel roof gutters, Zambeli copper gutters, Fakro, Roto roof windows and stairs, Velux, super-diffusion roof waterproofing membranes.

For wall cladding, we offer to buy clinker bricks, clinker tiles CRH, LHL, Feldhaus, Mora, Muhr, Olfry, Roben, S. Anselmo, Terca, Vande Moortel, Vandersanen natural slate and travertine, ceramic tiles.

For landscaping, we recommend buying CRH, Feldhaus, Keravil, Muhr, Penter clinker paving stones and a drainage system: a concrete, plastic tray, a storm drain, a sand trap, drainage and sewer pipes.

We offer you for the construction of your modern solid home: materials that will ensure you reliable operation of the house, materials that do not require repair and constant maintenance, and therefore will save you money, materials that will create comfortable living conditions for you in your home and not will require high costs for heating and air conditioning, materials are only environmentally friendly, materials that meet high modern design requirements!

Buying building materials from us - you buy them at the best prices!

The main thing: you buy everything in one store, saving your money, your time and nerves!

Having ten years of experience working with manufacturers of building materials, we made a choice in favor of high quality and environmental friendliness of materials.

The pleasure of a quality product lasts much longer than the pleasure of a low price!

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Just call the specialists of the Modern House company - we will provide selection and delivery at a favorable price from the manufacturer and in the shortest possible time!

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