Drainage system and drain Hauraton portion Standartpark, gidrolika tray complete with iron bars maxi super to filling stations. Buy L Otok concrete Standartpark , plastic Hauraton tray , Street inlet , trash box gidrolika , well inspection sewer, drain pipe , Hatches sewer, lawn grille, geotextile, gryazeochistki system, grease and oil separators, drainage, drainage tunnel . Buy in Kharkov system of linear and point drainage Hauraton, Standartpark Maxi, Gidrolika Super.


Plastic tray H55, DN100

148.01 грн
Low plastic drainage tray for surface drainage depth of 55 mm, a hydraulic section DN100.

Plastic tray H80, DN100

206.31 грн
plastic drainage tray H80, DN100 for surface water removal can be laterally connected to another tray, as well as a vertical connection to the sewer pipe diameter 110mm.

Plastic tray H120, DN100

227.70 грн
plastic drainage tray 120 mm depth, with side coupled with another tray, as well as a vertical connection to the sewer pipe diameter 110mm.

Plastic tray H155, DN100

423.32 грн
Lotokvodootvodnoy plastic H155, DN100 for surface drainage with the possibility of vertical connection to the sewer pipe diameter 110mm.
Plastic tray 800 H135, DN100
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  • -17.25 грн

Plastic tray 800 H135, DN100

327.75 грн 345.00 грн
Tray plastic drainage Gidrolika H135, a hydraulic section DN100 for surface drainage, and can be laterally connected to another tray, as well as a vertical connection to the sewer pipe diameter 110mm.

Drainage systems Hauraton, Standartpark, gidrolika serve to collect melted and rain water present on the surface, as well as removal of water at storm sewers .

Qualitatively mounted drainage system allows to accept and take large streams of water, so get rid of the risk of flooding. Solution buy and install drainage means more and competent calculation this system is that all elements of the drainage system to cope with its functions.

The company "Modern House" offers a range of drainage systems, which differ its characteristics: the drainage system with low operating load for private houses, Standartpark maxi drainage system with large loads of filling stations , storage terminals, industrial plants and airports.

For the correct selection of water drainage system should take into account the operating conditions, namely: the place of installation and the estimated amount of the withdrawn water, ie, its capacity. In addition, you must also take into account the burden that will impact on them, depending on the chosen system of this particular class load. Linear outfalls include concrete trays , plastic trays , Polymer trays , storm-water inlets , < strong> drainage tube and grit chambers , which are interconnected. Top outfalls , are covered with removable bars , performs a protective-decorative function. Grilles prevent ingress in various debris, leaves, as well as contribute to safety when moving pedestrians and vehicles.

Buy guttering Standartpark maxi, super gidrolika, Hauraton in Odessa from the warehouse can be weekdays from 9 to 18 hours. If you want to know what price outfalls and installation costs , please contact managers. All contact details are available on the website.

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