Plastic tray H55, DN100
Plastic tray H55, DN100
Plastic tray H55, DN100

Plastic tray H55, DN100

Low plastic drainage tray for surface drainage depth of 55 mm, a hydraulic section DN100.

175.89 грн


The trays with hydraulic cross section of 100 mm are used in places of arrival of passenger transport and pedestrian areas - construction of cottages, garages, car parks, multi-storey car parks, pedestrian walkways, sports facilities. This tray has a load class A-C if the tray cover grille: galvanized, plastic, stainless steel, then it loads a class A, which corresponds 15kN = 1.5t, if the tray cover with iron bars, is to withstand a load up to 250kN = 25t.


The tray is made of cold-resistant, impact-resistant, chemically resistant, thermoplastic, polymer and composite plastics. With average daily temperatures trays have a high resistance to acids and alkalis.

Product Details

Weight, kg
Length, m
Load class
А 15
Hydraulic cross-section

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