steel nozzle
steel nozzle

steel nozzle

The nozzle rainwater slotted galvanized steel 1m, DN100

1,025.00 грн

(1,025.00 грн 1 шт.)


The nozzle is made of galvanized steel, load class A-C, to withstand loads up to 250kN = 25t. This nozzle is used at sports facilities (rolledromy. Cycle tracks, etc.), as well as being in industries dominated uzkokolesnaya equipment and a small amount of water which is necessary to withdraw. Nozzle unlike drainage grille helps ibezhat getting narrow wheels or Rollick in reschetki gap and avoid injury, but at the same time successfully cope with a bit of rain and melt water.

Product Details

Weight, kg
Length, m
Load class
С 250
Hydraulic cross-section

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