Overlapping TERIVA

National monolithic slab TERIVA consist of bearing beams of different lengths and hollow blocks.

Overlapping TERIVA

Joists Teriva 2.2

482.03 грн
The beam supporting precast slab Teriva 2.2 rm
Overlapping TERIVA

Joists Teriva 2.4

516.00 грн
The beam bearing of 2.4 linear meters of precast slab Teriva
Overlapping TERIVA

Joists Teriva 2.6

567.60 грн
The beam bearing length of 2.6 m of precast slab Teriva

Covering TERIVA are designed for residential construction and for the construction of public buildings. Currently we offer 5 types of floors that are different load capacity and the permissible maximum run of:

    • TERIVA KM 4,0 / 1
    • TERIVA KM 4,0 / 2
    • TERIVA KM 4,0 / 3
    • TERIVA KM 6,0
    • TERIVA KM 8,0
    • < / ul>

These are often overlapping ribbed structures, which consist of bearing beams and hollow blocks. Due to the low weight of hollow blocks, they are much lighter than conventional floors. The system is load-bearing reinforced concrete beams disposed parallel to each other, and hollow blocks are mounted between the beams as required. On top of all poured layer of concrete. Made in this manner it is characterized by overlapping both ease and strength. A certain type of ceiling - is primarily a form of hollow blocks, beams, as well as the type of valves used to it. This overlap was designed into five types, with different run and durability, and thus - with a different purpose

The overlap TERIVA KM 4,0 / 1 Run 7.2 m. and TERIVA KM 4,0 / 2 run up to 8.0 In connection with necessity, were also made overlapping TERIVA KM 4,0 / 3, which is a continuation overlap TERIVA KM 4,0 / 1 to 8,6 m length with appropriate reinforcement. Above presented overlap are used in the construction of houses. Overlapping TERIVA KM 6,0 to Run 7.8 m and loads up to 10.0 kN / m, TERIVA KM 8,0 to Run to 7.2 m and loads up to 12.0 kN / m, can be used in industrial construction and . for the construction of public facilities

a very important quality TERIVA floors is the possibility of installation without the use of cranes

KEY as an overlay TERIVA:.

  • simplicity and great speed of installation
  • a very good thermal and acoustic insulation provides very good indoor climate
  • high fire
  • high resistance to moisture and frost
  • high chemical and biological resistance: does
  • high adhesion plasters

impossible the development of mold, fungi and micro-organisms < / p>

hollow blocks to overlap

Hollow blocks for floors combine the characteristics of the best types of concrete and ceramic bricks.

at the same time of differ in several times higher vapor permeability, and therefore exhibit a unique property very quick drying, made of these items are dry and warm.

This makes it impossible to develop mold and fungi. In addition, expanded clay, which is their main component, as a ceramic product, perfectly adjusts the temperature and humidity, creating an exceptionally favorable for people indoor climate.

Beams for the floor

< p> The beam, used for the manufacture of floors TERIVA - a steel farm, immersed in the concrete foundation. It consists of three reinforcing rods whose diameter depends on the length and strength of the beam system in a triangle, where the rod is connected to the upper rod via diagonal diameter of 5 or 6 mm, in two planes on both sides of the farm. Furthermore Farm, which is the main reinforcement of the beam structure for anchoring additionally added rods in the concrete base.

KM 4,0 / 1
KM 4,0 / 2
KM 4,0 / 3
KM 6,0
KM 8,0
The variable load , Vol. / m 4,0-6,7 4,0-7,15 4,0-7,4 6,0-10,00 8,0-12,00
Height of structure, m 0,24 0,3 0,34 0,34 0,34
Wheelbase beams, m 0,60 0,60 0,60 0 45 0,45
Modular run, m 2,4-7,2 2,4-8,0 2,4-8,6 2,4-7,8 2,4-7,2
P Dimensions of hollow bricks see 21 × 52 × 24 26 × 52 × 24 30 × 52 × 24 30 × 37 × 24 30 × 37 × 24
concrete slab thickness from the top, mm 30 40 40 40 40
The amount of hollow bricks, pcs. / m 6,7 6,7 6,7 9,2 9,2
The number of beams, pot.m / m 1,67 1,67 1,67 < / td> 2,22 2,22
Weight overlap, Vol. / m 2,68 3,15 3,4 4,0 4,0

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