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The laminate floor for commercial, office and residential space, vinyl laminate SPC. Laminate 32 class 33 class 55 class durability.

Laminate flooring, laminated parquet or simply laminate flooring is a modern artificial decorative floor covering that imitates natural wood flooring. Unlike natural parquet made of various types of wood, which has a high cost, laminated parquet is produced from production waste, therefore, has a low affordable price. Laminate parquet has a core of HDF compressed fiberboard, which is made from wood waste and binders. The HDF board is covered with a waterproofing compound from below. A decorative coating is applied on top of the board, which is laminated with a protective acrylate film, which contains a certain amount of corundum particles. The wear resistance class of laminated parquet depends on the composition of the upper protective film. Currently, manufacturers offer laminated parquet flooring of various wear resistance: 31, 32, 33, 34 classes.


Vinyl spc laminate parquet board is a new kind of spc vinyl composite flooring in the form of parquet board, which does not differ in appearance from natural board, but has more stable qualities. Vinyl flooring is available in plank or tile form in various sizes and colors. The composition of vinyl spc flooring is 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polymer, which are sintered at a temperature of 270 degrees Celsius into a homogeneous solid mass. After cooling, the finished mass is formed into separate elements.


On the finished spc panels, decorative films of various colors and textures are applied, which gives the product a unique look of various types of wood or stone. After decorative coating, the panels are laminated with a special polymer, which gives the flooring high wear resistance. Unlike conventional laminate based on HDF boards, spc vinyl laminate absolutely does not absorb moisture, therefore it is used not only in ordinary rooms, but also in rooms with high humidity. The spc collection of Verband cement flooring in the popular loft style of cement surfaces is very popular. Vinyl spc laminate is absolutely resistant to water, does not rot or fade, has a very high wear resistance, which means a very long service life in public buildings with high traffic, in office buildings, in shopping centers and residential premises. Vinyl floor Hard floor Ultimate is recommended for installation in rooms with high humidity. Verband vinyl laminate has proven itself to be excellent in rooms with heated floors.

The laminate floor for commercial, office and residential space, vinyl laminate SPC

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