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The Sovremenny Dom company offers the selection and delivery of building materials S. Anselmo, Roben, Margon, CRH, Murh, Vandersander at retail and wholesale.

And also services for the development of projects of modern European houses and services for the construction of houses on a turnkey basis.

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Jumper aperture Porotherm Thermo 1.0 m

PTh 1.0
217.80 грн
Lintel Porotherm Thermo 1.0 m are intended for the device window and door openings in width 750 mm in the non-bearing and self-supporting walls.
Clinker brick facing

Klinker bricks Brusel Olfry

Клинкерный кирпич и плитка Olfry
50.76 грн
Klinker bricks Brusel Olfry

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