Tile Roben Piemont natural red

Tile Roben Piemont natural red

Ceramic tile Roben, piemont model, color natural red

569.90 грн

(569.90 грн м2)


Main characteristics of natural tile Roben piemont:

  1. environmentally friendly material - for the production uses only clay without colorants, is baked at a temperature above 1000 degrees
  2. .
  3. comfortable material -gasit the rain smoothes temperature changes
  4. reliable material -. tiled roof withstand a hurricane, does not change color, not bursts on the temperature differential
  5. economical material -. mounting tile waste to trimming range from 0 to 2%, depending on the complexity of the roof
  6. . material available - with new technology natural tiles became cheaper and comparable in price with bitumen and metal roofing
  7. beautiful stuff -. with a large variety of colors and shapes, ceramic tile will adorn any home!

Product Details

Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
11,5 шт
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Quantity per pallet
240 шт.

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