Shale - a natural stone used as a roofing material which has all the required characteristics: high strength, excellent quality and durability. It is due to the above indicators, as well as natural colors, shades and characteristic luster, a slab of slate known company Theis-Boger become an indispensable decoration is not only the most famous palaces and castles in Europe, but also cathedrals, churches and residences of top officials of different states. That company Theis-Boger, which was founded in 1907, was the first factory producer of roof coverings made of natural slate from a material such as slate (slate roof Price), released to the world market.


slate roofing

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Slate Tile 20x30 cm rectangular roofing

Slate roof is a tile having various geometric shapes, sizes and thickness. A variety of existing types of styling, as well as the unique natural properties, which has the material, make it possible to use it in the construction of houses with any degree of complexity of the roof

in September 2000, the German State Institute study was conducted on the quality of roofing material EIFELINSTITUT company Theis-Boger, delivered to the CIS countries. The results showed that the coating (slate shingles) fully complies with European standard EN 12326-2 and high quality is excellent roofing material.

Many years of experience industry structure, self-assured as the company Theis-Boger of products provides a formal guarantee on the roof of slate, which is 50 years, with the real life of this material reaches about 200 years.

in addition, it should be also be noted that in addition to aesthetics, slate roofing of Theis-Boger highly resistant to external factors, whereby it brings great influence of the chemical elements contained in the atmosphere, harmful gases, and various solutions. It is also resistant to corrosion, temperature extremes, moisture, abrasion and UV radiation.

Slate roofing company Theis-Boger

  • retains its color throughout life;

  • is a highly resistant material for frequent changes in air temperature;

  • can not be deformation during thermal exposure.

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