Tile Industry

Tile industrial floor designed and produced for the food industry, catering, car dealers, service stations, breweries, sausage shops. This tile acid-resistant to alkalis, has a high sliding resistance. industrial floor tiles strength provides greater resistance to mechanical stress. Tiles for walls Industrial slaughterhouse, dairy, brewery, restaurant.

Tile Industry

Tile flooring acid-R 13

Agrob Buсhtal
1,720.00 грн
Tile acid-R 13 is not glazed industrial floor
Tile Industry

Tile acid-R 13 10 V floor

Agrob Buсhtal
2,107.00 грн
Tile acid-V10 R 13 is not glazed industrial floor
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Tile acid Ferrum 18

Agrob Buсhtal
2,666.00 грн
Tile acid is not glazed Ferrum 18 Brewery

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