Block Porotherm-44 Dryfix
Block Porotherm-44 Dryfix

Block Porotherm-44 Dryfix

Ceramic block Porotherm-44 Dryfix polished for energy efficient buildings R = 3.66 m2K / Vt.

Glue for blocks for free!

P-44 df
188.19 грн

(188.19 грн шт)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 60.


grinded ceramic block Porotherm-44 Dryfix (44 Poroterm drei fixe), for construction of exterior bearing walls without additional insulation.

The system uses a ceramic hollow blocks Porotherm-44 DryFix, which have a common geometrical dimensions, due to additional grinding horizontal surfaces. To connect the hollow blocks are already subject to special cans with zhatym polyurethane glue. Glue is applied to the horizontal surface of the blocks with a conventional gun foam, and requires no additional preparation. This is a very simple and completely innovative system compounds hollow ceramic blocks.

Thanks to the good diffusion capacity, ceramic blocks stabilize the humidity in the house on favorable to the human level and constantly maintain a healthy environment. Ceramic blocks excellent accumulate and retain heat by smoothing abrupt changes in temperature.


  • Speed ​​masonry 2-fold higher, than with the traditional "wet" technology of masonry due to the ease and speed of work performed .
  • The increase in the construction season - the possibility of laying and in the winter to a temperature of -5 ° C
  • Maximum thermal protection . - elimination of "thermal bridges" in the vertical and horizontal seams
  • Clean and simple dry masonry -. offline cooking cycle and applying masonry mortar, no tools for dilution, blending and mixing of the solution, the adhesive is applied with a conventional gun foam
  • Save on the materials and resources -. not need cement, sand, water, no electricity costs for the preparation of masonry mixture , mounting adhesive on the block value
  • High strength wall -! masonry, made by BBC tem POROTHERM DRYFIX, instantly receives declared parameters of strength, a few hours can be loaded
  • Fast and economical finishing wall -. clean the wall, can be plastered immediately after the masonry work, because do not need time to evaporate the water from the walls. The thickness of the plaster minimum due to different block geometries.
  • Ability to create walls of different thicknesses due to the large range blocks.

Similarly, and easy as never before! system POROTHERM DRYFIX-a technology for those who appreciate the speed and quality of work at the construction site!

All this can significantly reduce the input timing in the operation of buildings, and therefore reduce the overhead costs associated with providing the construction cycle -ohrana construction site, payment of temporary power supply circuits, time-based compensation of employees, and so on. e.

and the most important economic benefit is the opportunity garazdo faster start operation of the building, which means faster start profiting!

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 100
Weight, kg
17 кг
Quantity in sq.meter
16 шт
The equivalent of a conventional brick
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Soundproofing Rw, dB
Heat transfer resistance, R (m2C/W)
Thermal resistance coefficient, λ (W/m²K)
Quantity per pallet
60 шт

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