Block 44 Porotherm-EKO + Dryfix

Block 44 Porotherm-EKO + Dryfix

Ceramic block Porotherm-44 EKO + Dryfix for energy efficient buildings

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ceramic hollow block Porotherm-44 EKO + Dryfix, for construction of exterior bearing walls without additional insulation.

The system uses a ceramic hollow blocks Porotherm-44 EKO + Dryfix, which have a common geometrical dimensions, due to additional grinding horizontal surfaces. To connect the hollow blocks are already subject to special cans with zhatym polyurethane glue. Glue is applied to the horizontal surface of the blocks with a conventional gun foam, and requires no additional preparation. This is a very simple and completely innovative system compounds hollow ceramic blocks.

Thanks to the good diffusion capacity, ceramic blocks stabilize the humidity in the house on favorable to the human level and constantly maintain a healthy environment. Ceramic blocks excellent accumulate and retain heat,

However, the wall of the ceramic hollow blocks 2 times easier, thus smoothing out sudden changes in temperature. load on the foundation is 2 times lower. Mounts in 5 times faster, does not require highly skilled installers. A huge advantage - the uniformity of the wall, the entire wall works the same way, no stresses arise - there are no cracks. The durability of the walls - a few centuries

Blocks Porotherm-44 EKO + Dryfix withstand the load of 100 kg / cm2, so one can build a house in 5-6 floors without additional reinforcing belts, which reduces the final cost of the house.

When erecting the walls of these blocks obtain smaller wall thickness with better insulating properties (this is an important factor in terms of energy prices constant growth), and the work is much cheaper. Choosing the material for the walls is necessary to consider not only the cost of the material itself, but also the cost of installation and the cost of additional materials for the installation. Cost of works 1m2 wall of the large-size blocks POROTHERM 3 times cheaper than the cost of masonry walls of ordinary brick!

heat conductivity from ceramic blocks Porotherm-44 EKO + Dryfix stable throughout the year, and the rate of insulation deteriorates with an increase in humidity and a sharp drop of temperature (increasing humidity heater 1%impairs insulation 15%).

Insulating properties Porotherm-44EKO + Dryfix blocks 30%higher than that provided by building codes Ukraine. Saving energonasiteley became really noticeable!

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 100
Weight, kg
17 кг
Quantity in sq.meter
16 шт
The equivalent of a conventional brick
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Soundproofing Rw, dB
Heat transfer resistance, R (m2C/W)
Quantity per pallet
60 шт
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