Travertine classic "Roman masonry"

Travertine classic "Roman masonry"

Tile from natural travertine as a "Roman" masonry. Naborka combined stab and smooth surface, collected on a grid. The size of one naborki 17,4h53 see.

2,665.00 грн

(2,665.00 грн м2)


Travertine "Roman masonry" is a natural material, which is formed by mineralization in the long process of calcification. Most often, these limescale deposits occur in the mineral water exit locations on the surface where the water pressure is reduced and its intense evaporation occurs.

travertine stone is very beautiful. It is used for facades of buildings, interiors, as well as for lining floors and walkways.

Travertine, known from ancient times as a tibursky stone, found wide use in ancient Rome. The most famous building, which was used travertine is the Colosseum building in Rome, which has survived to the present day.

These examples show as travertine, its properties do not change the structure and appearance of thousands of years!

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