Brick clinker Roben Ravello yellow
Brick clinker Roben Ravello yellow

Brick clinker Roben Ravello yellow

Clinker Roben Ravello yellow

74.62 грн

(74.62 грн шт)


Ceramic facade brick yellow-Roben Ravello is an ideal material for the

cladding facades of buildings.

Low water absorption clinker Roben Ravello yellow prevents movement of water in the wall,

which causes leaching or the formation of limescale deposits and provides

excellent frost resistance.

Roben Ravello yellow - is not only a decorative element in the design of the house, but before

all - is the protection of the house from the negative influence of the environment

Facing the first home takes on impact. precipitation,

ultraviolet radiation, rapid temperature fluctuations, and how firmly

facing material will treat all negative impacts will depend on

how long your home will retain its shape and how long you will be.

Facing clinker bricks, due to its characteristics, is highly

resistant to all the negative impact of external factors and, therefore, the building,

lined with clinker bricks have a lifespan of several centuries, with BP Yemen

do not lose their attractive appearance and provide a comfortable stay in these


Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 500
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
48 шт
Solution consumption per m2
35 л
Frost resistance

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