Tile CRH Sahara

Tile CRH Sahara

Ceramic tiles clinker CRH sahara yellow smooth

38.95 грн

(38.95 грн шт)


Clay tiles CRH Sahara manufactured at the plant Gozdnica LHL Group in Poland. Low water absorption ceramic tiles SRH prevents the formation of lime deposits and provides excellent resistance to frost.

Facing clinker tiles CRH Sahara is highly resistant to all the negative influences of the environment, therefore, the building, lined with ceramic tiles CRH Sahara, have an unlimited service life do not lose the perfect look and provide a comfortable stay in these homes without running costs

high technical parameters tiles:. low water absorption, stable performance of geometric dimensions, high strength, color fastness, combined with modern design solutions.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
50 шт
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Grout consumption per m2
5,0 кг

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