Ceramick block Heluz unit 44 Family 2...

Ceramick block Heluz unit 44 Family 2 in1

Ceramic block Heluz 44 Family 1in2 

451.00 грн

(451.00 грн шт)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 72.


Ceramic block Heluz 44 Family 2in1 ground bricks have the best thermal insulation properties on the market compared to other materials for single-layer masonry. By filling the cavities of these bricks with polystyrene, there was a 40% increase in their thermal insulation properties, while maintaining vapor permeability. Ceramic block Heluz Family 2in1 bricks with a width of 440 and 500 mm meet the recommended values ​​for passive houses without additional insulation.

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 100
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
16 шт
The equivalent of a conventional brick
Consumption per m3
36,4 шт
Frost resistance
Soundproofing Rw, dB
41 дБ
Heat transfer resistance, R (m2C/W)
Quantity per pallet
72 шт
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