Porotherm-unit 50 with a heater...

Porotherm-unit 50 with a heater Thermo Profi

The block Porotherm-50 Thermo Profi ceramic heat-polished basalt filler for nonvolatile buildings R = 6.53 m2K / Vt.

Glue for blocks for free!

P-50 tp

(€8.95 шт)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 48.


The ceramic hollow block Porotherm-polished 50 Thermo Profi is intended for construction of exterior bearing walls of buildings passive energy independence.

Porotherm unit 50 is made by Thermo Profi newest technology with the filling of the internal voids basaltic mineral wool insulation. The combination of the porous ceramic and mineral insulant can achieve unique values ​​of thermal resistance of the outer walling of buildings R = 6.53 m2K / W at a thickness of 50 cm! Blocks Porotherm-50 T Profi horizontal faces are polished, which enables them to be mounted on a special adhesive seam thickness of only 1 mm! This laying technique 2 times faster than masonry blocks on a standard solution.

Blocks Porotherm-50 T Profi withstand a load of 75 kg / cm2, so one can construct a house floor without additional 3-4 Laying nets, which reduces the final cost of the house.

Heat-insulating properties of the blocks Porotherm-50 T Profi 110%higher than that stipulated by building codes Ukraine. Saving energonasiteley became really noticeable!

Product Details

Format, mm
Марка прочности
М 75
Quantity in sq.meter
16 шт
Frost resistance
Heat transfer resistance, R (m2C/W)
Water absorption
Solution consumption per m2
35 л
50 dB
Quantity per pallet
48 шт
The equivalent of a conventional brick

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