Sett clinker Kohlebrand

Sett clinker Kohlebrand

Paving Kerawil, color Kohlebrand

Кerawil Pf-04


Paving Kerawil Kohlebrand made using a unique Kerawil-Brennverfahren technology, which combines the age-old tradition of clinker production, natural raw materials and advanced production equipment. Careful selection of raw materials and Kerawil-Brennverfahren technology can produce clinker for paving high strength with perfect geometric shapes and unique colors.

Product Details

Format, mm
Марка прочности
М 700
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
48 шт
Frost resistance
F 400
Quantity per pallet
Width of seam, mm
Slip resistance
класс U3
Abrasion resistance
класс А3

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