Plastic tray N71 Drive DN100 with...

Plastic tray N71 Drive DN100 with cast-iron grating

Plastic Tray Drive N71 DN100 with cast-iron grate and reinforcing tips included.


(€64.10 1 шт)


Plastic Tray Drive N71 DN100 with cast-iron grate and reinforcing tips included enhanced DRIVE series is the optimal combination of cost and performance. Trays are used to collect and divert water from the extended large surfaces, for installation in places with limited depth concreting and heavy traffic, it is made of cold-resistant, impact-resistant, chemically resistant, thermoplastic, polymer and composite plastics. With average daily temperatures trays have a high resistance to acids and alkalis, are equipped with reinforcing nozzles of galvanized steel, which molded into the side of the tray and the water inlet slit gratings of ductile iron. Have load class D, which corresponds to 400kN = 40t.

The advantage uschestva series DRIVE:

1. A reliable and functional bolted lattice - lattice fixes and prevents untwisting under dynamic loads, due to the special shape of the nut and seat. Fasteners are designed so that they are easy to change.

2. Reliable amplifying nozzle with mortgage anchor - provides a durable and reliable design of the tray and reinforcing it

3.. Lattices are made of ductile cast iron grade HF-50.

Due to its advantages, the series DRIVE trays are popular and are widely used for ground and ground parking lots, filling stations, in city streets and parks, and others. To ensure a tight seal on the trays together using one-component sealant based on MS-Polymer . All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Load class
D 400
Hydraulic cross-section
D 100

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