Brick Feldhaus Lava maris

Brick Feldhaus Lava maris

Clinker brick Lava maris German company Feldhaus

54.18 грн



Clinker Lava maris German company FELDHAUS made of natural clay with the use of modern production technologies

The distinctive features FELDHAUS products are: the highest quality of clinker, a wide variety of surface textures, wide range of colors. Low water absorption clinker FELDHAUS prevents the movement of water in the wall, which causes the formation of lime deposits and provides excellent resistance to frost

Clinker FELDHAUS- is not only a decorative element in the design of the house, but first of all -. This is the negative impact of the protection of home external factors such as abrupt temperature variations, precipitation, wind, ultraviolet radiation, environmental factors.

Facing clinker FELDHAUS highly resistant to all adverse influences of external factors, however, non-lined clinker , have a long service life, do not lose their ideal appearance and provide a comfortable stay in these homes at no cost for the repair of the facade.

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 350
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
48 шт
Solution consumption per m2
35 л
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Quantity per pallet
416 шт

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