Brick hand molding Vandersanden Geel...

Brick hand molding Vandersanden Geel Zilverzand

Facing ceramic hand-molded bricks.

44.72 грн


Facing bricks Vandersanden Geel Zilverzand made in the old fashioned brick "hand-molded". Tradition of producing hand-molded bricks in Europe there are many century. Company Vandersanden combined the age-old experience of European brick factories with modern clinker production technology. Each type of bricks Vandersanden is unique, because for the creation of a specific brick color dyes are not used. Unique color bricks Vandersanden Geel Zilverzand achieved by selecting different varieties of clay in different proportions known only masters family Vandersanden factory.

Antique noble appearance Vandersanden hand-made brick is combined with all the advantages of clinker bricks.

choosing bricks Vandersanden you have a unique opportunity to build a new house, which will have a noble respectable house with centuries of history.

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 300
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
58 шт
Solution consumption per m2
35 л
Frost resistance
Soundproofing Rw, dB
Grout consumption per m2
5,0 кг

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