Brick hand molding Vande Moortel...

Brick hand molding Vande Moortel sEptEm 8012

The clinker brick hand form Vande Moortel, collection sEptEm, model 8012

25.80 грн


Clinker brick Vande Moortel sEptEm art collection. 8012 produced in Belgium to the family business Vande Moortel. For the production of bricks used river clay, which in its properties is considered the best among the other clay for the manufacture of clinker. The clay of river lime offline, so brick made from it has no lime "Dutikow" completely no possibility of occurrence of lime deposits.

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 350
Quantity in sq.meter
65 шт
Frost resistance
F 400
Water absorption

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