Tee 67 ° Galeco PVC pipe 130

Tee 67 ° Galeco PVC pipe 130

67 ° Tee pipe Galeco PVC 130 . Connects the tube at an angle of 67 degrees

Available colors: graphite, black, dark brown, white, copper, dark red, chocolate brown


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Tee 67 ° pipes Galeco PVC 130 combines easy installation, efficient operation and high reliability, which makes them popular among professional builders throughout Europe.

< span lang = "uk" xml: lang = "uk"> Tee 67 ° pipe Galeco PVC 130 made of unplasticised (rigid) polyvinyl chloride, which is the product of polymerization of vinyl chloride. Such a material is characterized by: high mechanical strength, non-flammable, corrosion resistant, chemically resistant to most corrosive substances, which dissolve in rain water, biologically stable to bacteria, has a stable gloss and color

. Benefits of the gutter system Galeco PVH :
• The presence of external and internal angles of any degree;
• The presence of internal and external two-plane angles;
• A wide range of brackets for mounting the gutter;
• gutters and pipes are manufactured by coextrusion;
• gutter profile has a special outer bend,
which prevents the water transfusion in heavy rain


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