Universal Plug Galeco steel 135

Universal Plug Galeco steel 135

Universal Plug Galeco steel 135 .

Available colors: graphite, black, dark brown, white, copper, dark red, chocolate brown, brick

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Universal Plug Galeco steel 135 made of stainless steel with a thickness 0,6 mm , ideal for use in difficult climatic conditions of Ukraine.

Polymer Floor drain system Galeco steel 135 "pural»:

• ensures reliable operation under difficult conditions of severe climate;
• possesses excellent resistance to fading;
• not responding to diurnal and seasonal changes temperature fluctuations;
• is not subject to the adverse effects of the environment and aggressive chemicals dissolved in rainwater;
• withstands mechanical stress

gutter form <. / em> , which on both sides has a curved edge into the gutter. Particularly important is the outer bend to prevent overflow of water, even during heavy rainfall. As the metal drains Galeco is deeper (as compared with other systems), the profile of the trough, thereby increasing performance abduction rainwater.

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