Tile plinth Kerabig pidra

Tile plinth Kerabig pidra

Plinth tiles Kerabig pidra.

3,440.00 грн

(3,440.00 грн м2)


Plinth tiles Kerabig pidra - this is one of the best materials decorating the bottom of the external walls of buildings and structures, columns and monuments. The main function of the lining base - is the protection of buildings from the effects of the forces of nature. Winter - frost and snow. At other times of the year - from the effects of rain, sun, wind. As well as insulation and reducing heat transfer structure. In summer, the opposite effect is achieved. Basement structures lined with tiles has a low warming coefficient building walls. This cost savings on the maintenance in the long term. Beauty and appearance - a secondary factor for building and design professionals. Plinth tiles kerabig enables design any appearance of buildings, without worrying about the protective functions and properties of the plinth tile. German quality and technology, as always on the level of

. The main advantage of using the basement tiles compared with natural stone - is the cost . The cost of real stone finish exceeds the cost of finishing the basement floors several times. At the same time still need to remember that the rare and beautiful natural stone, the price changes in the direction of increasing significantly. With plinth tiles can achieve the simulation of any kind of stone, including exotic and very expensive. In this case, we get a great look.

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