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Vinyl laminat of spc is a parquet...
Vinyl laminat of spc is a parquet...

Vinyl laminat of spc is a parquet board of Grun Holz Garda

Vinyl laminat of spc is a parquet board of Grun Holz Garda


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


Vinyl laminat of spc Grun Holz Garda-it is a new type of spc of vinyl composite floor coverage as a wooden board with faskoy for a floor, which on the kind does not differ from a natural floor board, but has Articulata connections and more stable qualities. Vinyl spc laminat-it is an innovative product, in basis of which 80% calcspar and 20% connective polymer. Vinyl spc laminat is characteristics of natural stone: high mechanical durability, good heat conductivity and stability to moisture.


Spc Grun Holz Garda laminate is available with an integrated underlay and ready for installation on a flat subfloor. The spc Grun Holz Garda vinyl laminate flooring is absolutely water resistant, does not rot or fade, has a very high wear resistance class of 55, which means a very long service life in high footfall public spaces, office buildings, shopping centres and residential areas. Spc Grun Holz Garda vinyl flooring is recommended for rooms with high humidity. Grun Holz Garda vinyl laminate flooring has proved its worth in rooms with underfloor heating. Unlike ordinary wooden floorboards, spc laminate is quick to install, and no expensive glue, varnish or paint is needed to finish the floor surface. The final cost of the flooring is made up of the cost of the materials and the labour involved in installing the materials. The cost of finished Grun Holz Garda vinyl flooring is lower than that of natural wood flooring, because the cost of installing vinyl spc laminate is lower than that of installing natural parquet, no glue is needed, no paint materials are used, and no scraping, sanding or varnishing of the floor surface significantly reduces repair time.

Product Details

Format, mm
Quantity in sq.meter
5,464 pc
м2 в штуке
Water absorption
Packing, m2
Quantity per pack, pcs.
Operating temperature range °C
от -30 до +50
Abrasion resistance
55 klass
Thickness, mm
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