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Adhesive TK 150 Botament

Adhesive TK 150 Botament

Adhesive TK 150 Botament is a chemically resistant conductive adhesive on silicate base for laying floor tiles for food industry enterprises. Adhesive TK 150 Botament is used for laying industrial acid-resistant tiles and grouting of tile joints outside the building and inside industrial premises of the food industry. Glue TK 150 is a two component, the package contains a bag of dry mix 25 kg and a canister 5 kg with the active substance. To buy glue TK 150 Botament in the online store of building materials first you need to select the number of packages and click "to cart".

ТК 150
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(11,094.00 грн За упаковку)


Adhesive TK 150 Botament is designed for laying ceramic tiles in rooms with high chemical activity. Adhesive TK 150 Botament has high strength, conducts current and is resistant to all detergents and cleaning agents, which include such active components as acids and alkalis. Adhesive TK 150 Botament is used for industrial ceramic tile flooring in dairies, breweries, meat processing plants, pharmacology, chemical laboratories, battery shops. Adhesive TK 150 Botament can withstand high dynamic and static loads from vehicles and technological equipment. Glue TK 150 Botament quickly sets and after 4 hours you can walk on the laid tiles, and after 24 hours the glue can withstand the load from heavy vehicles. TK 150 Botament can be used for grouting industrial tile joints

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