Membrane Eurovent Super waterproofing...
Membrane Eurovent Super waterproofing...

Membrane Eurovent Super waterproofing diffusion

The membrane waterproofing Euruvent Super diffusion density of 170 g / m2.

102.50 грн

(102.50 грн За м. кв)


Supperdiffuzionnaya three-layer waterproofing membrane Euruvent super is used for additional waterproofing of the roof space of the piece of roofing materials. It can be used when installing on a solid floor. It consists of two layers of polypropylene fabric and the functional film that provides high vapor permeability of water vapor and reliable waterproofing roofs with small incline. Made to order material with two self-adhesive tapes - marking SK2. It has best-in-class resistance to tearing, and therefore the best roofers use it more often. Specialized stabilizers ensure stability of the material to UV radiation to 4 months, so it is possible to delay the installation of the roofing.

Product Details

Base weight, g/m2
Vapour permeability
Sd value
0,02 м
Width, m

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