Grille "CITY" Dirt 60/40
Grille "CITY" Dirt 60/40
Grille "CITY" Dirt 60/40
Grille "CITY" Dirt 60/40

Grille "CITY" Dirt 60/40

The grid "CITY" aluminum, composing, Dirt, standard product 60/40 filling - rubber scraper +


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We offer a three-stage system of protection against dirt, developed by European and American experts. A particular advantage it is possible to consider the detention of dirt at the entrance and the impossibility of its distribution in the room where the 1st level are coarse-coating, 2nd - fine-meshed cover and the 3rd - tufted carpets. At its core, this system is a hidden view of cleaning, do not violate the design and maintain a clean floor coverings indoors. This lattice acts as a first stage cleaning shoe system delays krupnofraktsionnuyu mud, snow and represents the solid structure that consists of aluminum, connected to a stainless steel wire ropes. The profile strips are mounted various components of filling: rubber, textiles, a brush, a scraper intended for places with high foot traffic intensity, traffic wheelbarrows have a high mechanical resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to corrosion and thermal shock from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C. Products with textiles used in the first stage of the process is strictly prohibited. With a wide range of components and possible combinations of content, the lattice City not only ensure the purity, but also are the entrance adornment, highlight features of the interior design. The grille is installed in a special pit, the carrier is fixed in aluminum profile or a plastic pallet 60/40 before entering the room or lobbies, depending on its content. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

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