Tray Polymer Base H180 DN100

Tray Polymer Base H180 DN100

Tray DN100 H180 polymer concrete linear surface drainage system.

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Tray Polymer Base H180 DN100 hydraulic cross section of 100 mm2 and a depth of 180 mm are used in the field of passenger transport traffic and pedestrians in private houses, garages, car parks, multi-storey car parks, pedestrian sidewalks, sports facilities. Tray polimerbetonov H180 DN100 collects and transports runoff to reset place. Polymer-DN100 H180 tray used in the system of stormwater. Each product is designed for a specific load class load classes will help to choose the right tray as required by your facility and to avoid problems during its further operation. This tray has a load class A-C, to withstand loads up to 250kN = 25t. To ensure reliable sealing compound between trays are used adhesives. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.


Polymer - a concrete, wherein the organic polymer binder; building and construction material, which is a high-molecular substance solidified mixture (polyester resin) with a mineral filler. Compared with cement concretes, polymer and polymer-concrete have a greater tensile strength, less brittleness and better deformability. They have a higher; permeability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to corrosive liquids and gases.

Product Details

Weight, kg
Water absorption
Length, m
Load class
С 250
Hydraulic cross-section
Material from
Polymer concrete

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