concrete trash box

concrete trash box

0.5m concrete trash box H385 DN100 for surface drainage.

797.86 грн

(797.86 грн шт)


trash box is the link between the surface drainage and storm sewer. But other than that it collects sand and debris, thus avoiding clogging of sewer pipes. Sand and debris are collected in a plastic basket, which was originally equipped with a trash box, another basket facilitates cleaning trashbox. Concrete trash box has a load class A-C, to withstand loads up to 250kN = 25t. Trash boxes produced more frost-resistant plastic and polymer concrete can also doukomplektoyvatsya reinforced nozzles, which extends the life trash boxes service. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.


Standartpark Polypropelen uses fiberglass, allowing concrete to increase resistance to bending loads, reduce shrinkage deformation up to 30%, also in the concrete. in the step of production the concrete mixture, is added the segments of thin steel wire, nailed production waste, glass and dr.vypolnyaya function reinforcing component and contributes to improving the quality of concrete and increases its fracture toughness, deformability, water resistance and frost resistance.

Product Details

Weight, kg
Water absorption
Length, m
Load class
С 250
Hydraulic cross-section

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