sealant 290

sealant 290

290ml sealant for a secure connection between a tray.

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The sealant is a one component, ready to use on the basis of MS-polymer, easily applied manually by extrusion with a special gun. It hardens by chemical reaction with humidity. After hardening the sealant has good bonding and deforming properties and excellent adhesion to all major building materials, white or gray (color other order). Available in 290ml and 600ml tubes. The surface film is formed over 40min. at 23 ° C. Practically does not shrink and is odorless. Is used to ensure reliable sealing of joints, joints of concrete, polymer concrete and plastic trays and stainless steel flange connections. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Weight, kg
Operating temperature range °C
от -50 до +70
Width of seam, mm
Seam depth, mm
от 5 до 15
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