Luke plastic square

Luke plastic square

Luke plastic lookout "Garden" square, black.

1,978.00 грн

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Inspection hatches for manholes are designed to provide secure access to communications in the water, sewer and any utility lines, as well as ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicular traffic in the streets. Manholes are manufactured from ductile iron and resistant polypropylene, are of different diameters (D380, 800,780, etc.) shapes (circular, square), colors (black, green), and loads the classes (2m, 12.5, 25t, 40t, 60t, 90t), withstand high mechanical loads, which allows for any design and technical solutions, as well as to emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of your object. This hatch is made of resistant polypropylene which withstands the temperature range from -80 to + 80C, has a clear geometry persistent staining, not corrode and UV reliable fastening, the load is class A, to withstand loads up to 1t is applied on sidewalks , in a cottage and park construction, equipment of sports facilities, etc. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Load class
А 15

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