Storm-water inlets, plastic trash box...
Storm-water inlets, plastic trash box...

Storm-water inlets, plastic trash box corner

Storm-water inlets, plastic trash box corner square 433h433 black.

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(1,804.00 грн За штуку)


Storm-water inlets are designed for local (point) from the surface of the collection of rain and melt water, as well as from the rooftops in case of joining the downspout. This Street inlet-trash box is made of cold-resistant polypropylene and withstands transverse moving car, the product is intended for independent use as a point inlets, and in combination with lines drainage troughs as trash box for lines and as an element for joining of the tray of different cross-section, in product templates are provided for mating with the plastic trays: DN100 art.8000 (N155), DN200 art. 8540 (H200), DN300 art.8740 (N378), they are arranged so that they allow docked trays at an angle of 90 degrees, in this regard, Street inlet-trash box is also rotatable element can additionally be equipped with a garbage collection peregorodkoy- siphon, Quezon siphon, which prevent the emergence of sewage odors and significantly facilitate service inlets, as well as ductile iron and galvanized steel bars. If necessary, you can increase the height of the inlets, setting them against each other. Naroscheny gullies can be used for audit or drainage wells of different sizes and depths to still can connect the sewer pipe diameter from 110mm to 200mm. Street inlet is available in black (Street inlet-trash box) and gray (Storm-water inlets only) colors. For reliability of sealing and bonding of all elements drainage systems employ a one-component sealant based on MS-polymers. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

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