geotextile 100
geotextile 100
geotextile 100
geotextile 100

geotextile 100

The geotextiles density 100 g / m heat set.

К. текс100
1,804.00 грн

(1,804.00 грн за рулон)


Geotextile 100 g / m². is a synthetic fabric made of polypropylene, waterproof and resistant to chemical influences of the environment, a controlled density and thickness, which allows to widely use it in the construction, arrangement of roads, pavements, footpaths, the material is also intended to strengthen the slopes and banks of reservoirs, for protecting soil from erosion, it can be used as a protective preparation for concrete mounting slopes. Geotextile 100 g / sq.m. It performs the function of separating layers and allows to redistribute the pressure in the embankment basis, prevents mixing of soil in ground fabric. Placement of geotextile 100 g / sq.m. the basis of tracks considerably increases the bearing capacity of the structure, limiting its slump, prevents depression of gravel into the soil, thus saving sand and gravel. Geotextile 100 g / sq.m. prevents silting of the drainage pipe and ensure their efficient operation. It can be used with geogrid and lawn grid.

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