The middle part of the concrete...
The middle part of the concrete...
The middle part of the concrete...

The middle part of the concrete gullies DN500 MAX

Dozhdepriemny well betonnyy- sectional middle portion, H 650, DN 500, MAX series.

18,450.00 грн

(18,450.00 грн За 1 шт)


Dozhdepriemnye reinforced concrete wells Series MAX DN 500 are used for local (point) of collecting large water flows in areas of intense mechanical loads when there is a need to increase the height of the storm-water inlets. Sectional well consists of three sections: upper, middle and lower, which are set against each other and are used as revision or drainage wells of different sizes, load classes (E600 = 60t, F900 = 90t) and depths. Storm-water inlets is the link between the surface drainage and storm sewer. But other than that it collects sand, garbage and sewage tverdodispersnye additives, thus avoiding clogging of sewer pipes. This sectional dozhdepriemny well extra strong reinforced MAX series is the middle part of the well , made of fiber-reinforced concrete, reinforced with glass fiber, is used for the formation of the well with the bottom of the well dozhdepriemnogo - Article №4970 / 3 and the upper part - Article №04970 / 1, which is equipped with high-gratings of iron, edge inlets reinforced galvanized steel nozzles molded into the side walls has a load class E, which corresponds to 600kN = 60 t.

Due to its advantages, dozhdepriemnye wells MAX series are popular and widely used for ground and ground car parks, filling stations for city streets and parks, in industrial facilities, roads and others. to ensure a tight seal between the drainage elements of a used one-component sealant based on MS-polymers. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Water absorption
Load class
E 600
Hydraulic cross-section

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