PVC pipe 160 (SN2) outdoor sewerage
PVC pipe 160 (SN2) outdoor sewerage

PVC pipe 160 (SN2) outdoor sewerage

PVC pipe for outdoor sewerage (SN2) 160h3,2h1000 mm.

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PVC Pipe 160 (SN2) external sewage serve to organize outdoor sanitation, both in private facilities, and the construction industry. They are easy to install, have good performance characteristics. The main advantages of outdoor sewerage of PVC pipes is:.

1 relatively low cost, compared with sewer pipes prices of other materials (steel, cast iron). 2. Easy installation - push-fit connection is a way that does not require the use of special equipment, due to this factor, simplified and removal procedure.

3. Great choice of connecting and branching elements - this simplifies the design of pipelines of varying degrees of complexity of the object configuration.

4. Corrosion resistance, smooth inner surface and resistance to aggressive environments , which generally makes the operation of sewage system even more efficient and accumulates deposits.

5 . The lack of conductivity - PVC - is an insulator, so there is no need to install ground. 6. Low weight products pipeline significantly facilitates the delivery to the site, installation work and connection of all elements.

7. The service life of up to 50 years.

All elements sewer pipe made of PVC, the wall thickness 3.2 mm, of different lengths of pipes: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, for ease of installation. PVC pipes are light (SN2) - are used for outdoor installation The factor with very little pressure on the surface.

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