mineral oil separator with settler...
mineral oil separator with settler...

mineral oil separator with settler koalistsentny SWOK

Koalistsentny oil separator sump SWOK 3 (capacity of 3 l / s).

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oil separator (carbohydrates) retards oil (carbohydrates) and sedimentary substances contained in the wastewater. Very important is the correct choice of equipment for a particular object. The separator may not be too small because it does not provide the desired separation, it may also not be large - for purely economic reasons. Koalistsentnye separators SWOK sump (SW- oil separator; K- koalistsentnaya cassette; O-settler) are different productivity - 3 l / s to 100 l / s.

HOW IT WORKS KOALISTSENTNOGO Separators, oil products to a septic tank: The rain, as well as technical water containing oil and other solid contaminants (dirt, sand and other solids) in the first stage fall into the septic tank which is intended to separate suspended solids (soil, sand, etc.) from the waste water, as well as to delay easily separable parts mineral oil. The sump serves as a soothing and averaging tank. With the integrated deceleration and speed deflector sedimentizatsii process is cleaned from the solid impurities contained in the wastewater. In the next phase of water contaminated oil enters the separator, which is equipped koalistsentnoy insert - is an integral part of the separator, its structure similar to a honeycomb structure. Each drop contaminated water must pass through the labyrinth insert, curved walls. During passage through the liner minute particles of petroleum products that are in the water adhere to the walls of the cells, as the core for the formation of larger droplets. A drop reaches a size in which sufficient energy to detach it from the wall, causing it and rises to the surface. Wastewater is discharged from the separator through a siphon provided with an automatic gate, which prevents the penetration of oil to the outside. Oil form a layer which accumulates in the separator and the purified water to the required metrics may output to the environment. Oil separators are made of high density polyethylene, in accordance with standard PN EN 1825-2: 2002 (U) corresponds to the international quality certificate ISO 9001 and has the following properties: good resistance to impact, great views inner and outer surfaces, resistance to ultraviolet radiation . The main separator equipment:

- sump; - a separation chamber; - koalistsentnaya cassette; - automatic system of blockade; - sampling system; - ventilation. Optional: extension, iron hatches (withstand up to 15 tons) system, visual and audible alarm. Note: On special request, the separator can be equipped with extended bypass, which allows ten-fold increase the nominal flow rate, as well as manufactured separators settlers double and triple stock cameras for a pump and a fiberglass body, depending on the requirements your object.

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Output, l/s
от 3 до 100

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