Fat separator mini JPR 1001

Fat separator mini JPR 1001

The separator-MINI fat JPR 1001 (capacity 1.5 L / s).

Rainpark JPR 1001

(€567.00 1 шт.)


The separator device zhirov- mechanical purification of wastewater from fat and from suspended substances, which differ in small or large hydraulic size and are separated together with fats from water under the influence of gravitational forces. fat separator JPR 1001 performance of 1.5 l / s set for wastewater treatment in domestic conditions under the sink in the kitchen (apartments, bars, restaurants, schools). PRINCIPLE OF SEPARATOR FATS:

Device fat separator is a polyethylene hermetic container defined therein by partitions to slow the flow velocity and its cooling. Under cooling change from fats emulsified in the emulsified state and float to the surface of the water surface in the separator (so-called volume storage of fat). Of this amount, in consequence, the fat is removed. When properly carried out preliminary measurements and proper maintenance, according to the manufacturer's instructions, ensures effective removal of grease and dirt at the level of 95%. The separator may be used as an independent equipment for local treatment of effluents prior to discharge into the general sewage system or as part of complex treatment facilities. Fat separators are made of high density polyethylene by rotational molding technology according to standard PN EN 1825-2: 2002 (U) corresponds to the international quality certificate ISO 9001. Main Components: - separation chamber - ventilation.

Product Details

Format, mm
Hydraulic cross-section
D 110
Output, l/s

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